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Welcome dart blaster, paintball marker and airsoft fans!

Bring your battles to the next level.

What is it? You can use this software for battles with dart blasters from NERF, Buzzbee, BOOMco or other manufacturers, for airsoft or paintball battles. Use our different game modes to track your scores throughout your battles.

Feedback: Please feel free to contact us. Tell us your wishes and suggestions for improvement. We are looking forward to hear from you!

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Team Deathmatch

Now playable!

Capture The Flag

Work in progress


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Last Man Standing

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Game equipment

Common instructions and setup

  • 1. Plugin your RFID Cardreader devices
  • 2. Click on the right game mode
  • 3. Enter game settings (respawntime, gametime, maximum killcount)
  • 4. Enter team names (if available)
  • 5. Enter a name for a player
  • 6. Click UID field and scan chip to create player
  • 7. Repeat this step for every player
  • 8. Press start and play the game!

Basic rules: Always use protection like safety goggles and solid clothing, also for the protection of soft parts of the body. If a player gets hit, he has to signal it. No players are allowed to shoot him a second time. If the player doesn't give a signal, the player is disqualified. These rules are fairly similar to airsoft or paintball.

Have fun!